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The preparation of any appraisal begins with an interior and exterior inspection of any given home, building or property. The appraiser then looks for assets and any and all detriments that the real estate will offer by viewing the property with an objective perspective.

Some of the more important items in the property is gross living area, condition, and quality of construction. Additionally, location, layout, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and lot size are also considered. The appraiser will also note the amenities such as central a/c, landscaping, fireplaces, decks, and all recent renovations including pool, fencing, kitchens and baths etc. It is important for the home owner to point out all the amenities, or improvements that may not be completely obvious to any appraiser in a normal and considerate walk through of the property.

The appraiser will also make an assessment of the neighborhood and surrounding areas, noting any location of amenities which could be important to a home owner and/or buyer. In many cases these same items may be considered a detriment to the property based on there distance to the subject. Oftne, residential properties that are too close to a non residential property may be viewed as less desirable by a purchaser, and reflected as such in any appraisal report.

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